Actual making cost of Apple VR headset is around $1500

Apple AR/VR headset
  • The estimated cost of manufacturing the anticipated Apple VR/AR Headset, as per multiple sources from China, is around $1500, which is significantly lower than initially expected.
  • Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset, speculated to be released on June 5, is expected to run on “rOS”, supporting a wide range of applications such as games, video software, and office tools.
  • Minsheng Electronics suggests that around 400,000-500,000 units of the headset will be produced in the second half of the year.
  • A potential compatibility issue between “rOS” (xrOS) and iOS is hinted but without specific details.
  • The reported Bill of Materials (BOM) includes costs for components such as the chip, Micro OLED screens, a camera, an optical mechanical lens system, and others, totalling to approximately $1,400. Considering shipping costs, the estimate increases to $1,600.
  • Some terms like “Rearview mirror” used in the leaks may not match their conventional meanings. They could be placeholder names for specific components, possibly referring to features like passthrough display.
  • Two other Chinese sources estimate the BOM to be lower, around $1290 and $1300, excluding shipping costs.
  • The headset’s rumoured final price is $3000, twice the manufacturing cost, suggesting Apple might be planning to showcase advanced technology at a premium, with potential low-end and high-end variants introduced later for a wider consumer base.

Information source: Apple VR/AR Headset Manufacturing Costs Estimated at $1500

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